About us

Manuela and Michela: a “smart” pair

Having cut our professional teeth at the Department of Interpreting and Translation in Forlì, we each pursued individual specialisations before going into business together, secure in the knowledge that we share the same vision and approach to work and the language profession.

Smart working has been the key to our successful collaboration over the years, allowing us to work side by side from different cities. Always on the lookout for IT innovations that allow us to optimise and streamline company processes, we are experts in smart working – highly responsive, flexible and efficient, and capable of coordinating multilingual teams from any location.

Pas Logos was founded

Our philosophy

Pas Logos was born from the vision of two translation professionals and passionate linguists whose fundamental goal is to provide clients with quality work that breaks down all language barriers.

The translation process is managed and overseen every step of the way, without losing sight of the needs of all parties involved. We know that translation and interpreting are intellectual tasks, which therefore require active and creative collaboration. Our work is driven by our firm commitment to serve as a partner to each of our clients, embracing their philosophy to allow us to reach the desired goals together. In all languages of the world.


Manuela Mercurio

professional translator

Manuela Mercurio is a professional translator with a master’s degree in interpreting. Her areas of specialisation include marketing, contract, legal and IT. She founded the company in 2005 and acts as project manager and head of administration.

Michela Berardinelli

professional translator

Michela Berardinelli is a professional translator whose areas of specialisation include marketing, mechanical, automotive and contract. She acts as project manager, head of tax, telecommunications and customs affairs and client management.


Over 40 individually selected translators and interpreters

We have a long-standing working relationship with a team of over 40 individually selected translators and interpreters, of proven skill and professionalism, all of whom are native speakers of the relevant target language. We see “our” collaborators as true partners, who share our great passion for language and communication.

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