The process adopted by Pas Logos permits the carrying out of our translation services in the most fluid way, avoiding errors and inaccuracies.


All texts are analysed in order to:

  • Identify possible critical points
  • Determine the exact size of the job
  • Reveal any repetitions internal to the translations in order to apply a discount dedicated to each client.

In the case of possible criticalities, the client is contacted to clarify all aspects related to the work of translation and layout and to verify individual preferences.
Generally, within a single business day Pas Logos sends a detailed estimate where the timeframes and costs of the service are clearly and precisely indicated, as well as the final deadline for accepting the offer.

Request a quotation now.


On confirmation of the quotation, Pas Logos will immediately proceed with issuing the translation order to its translators.
Just like the clients, all of our translators also know that they can always count on support from Pas Logos for whatever need may present itself: requests for technical clarification from the clients, verification of texts, specialist research and computer support in the management of CAT tools (Trados, Wordfast, MemoQ, etc.) and the relative translation memories. Pas Logos is dedicated to exceptional communication among all parties involved.


Every text translated by Pas Logos collaborators is submitted to a careful internal revision in order to further guarantee the maximum precision and accuracy in every translation, including from the perspective of layout and format (.doc, .pdf. .xls, .odt, .indd, .inx, .html, etc.).
If the client wishes, the revisions can also be entrusted to a second translator and, afterward, submitted to the usual further internal check by Pas Logos.


Following all of the checks, the translation is delivered to the client on the support and in the way requested. Generally, all exchanges take place via email in order to guarantee maximum speed and timeliness, being able to manage even very large files via email without problems. At the conclusion of the work Pas Logos sees to the updating of all of the translation memories and supplying all collaborators with the final version of the texts so that everyone is always in possession of the most updated materials and tools.

Whether on paper or digital, translations are characterised by one principle and distinctive trait: they are written texts.

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