While translation entails work on a written text, interpreting instead requires the the presence of an interpreter during oral communication.
This is why the interpreter is called to travel in order to work side by side with the client in all direct encounters with interlocutors in a different linguistic environment.
For this service as well, Pas Logos has adopted a process designed to ensure maximum results in the most straightforward and simple way possible.

One distinguishes between consecutive, simultaneous and liaison interpreting, according to the work mode. Since each work mode corresponds to a precise professional figure, Pas Logos asks the client all of the questions necessary for clearly identifying the needs of the service requested:

  • working languages
  • type of event (B2B, fair, convention, specialist medical visit, etc.)
  • the dates of the event
  • discussion topic
  • the place where the service is to be carried out
  • the support tools available to the interpreter (booths, microphones, possible need for a dedicated service)
  • the availability of informational materials

On the basis of this information, Pas Logos works out a precise quote including all of the details of the service, specifying as always the duration of the offer and all of the details for the successful execution of the interpreting service. On customer request, Pas Logos can also assist in finding the service provider for the event in question.
Quotations are always free of charge and always based on the effective availability of professional interpreters.

Request a quotation now.


On confirmation of the quotation, Pas Logos immediately proceeds with issuing a job order to its own interpreters confirming everything already discussed during the drafting of the offer. The interpreter guarantees that he or she will be present at the events.

In the period of time between the order confirmation and the service, Pas Logos asks that clients supply as much informational material as possible to the interpreters so that they can clearly identify the work context and prepare themselves as thoroughly as possible for industry and technical discussions.
On the agreed upon day, the interpreter will present him or herself at the event to provide his or her support. Pas Logos will remain available at all times and will monitor the carrying out of the service.


For fairs, Pas Logos is also positioned to supply hostesses who know one or two foreign languages for the management of the small needs of each stand. Due to the varied training of hostesses, they do not provide the same linguistic support guaranteed by professional interpreters, but rather offer assistance with the distribution of informational materials and the management of visitor flow at the stands.